Root Canal Treatment

What is a Root Canal?

Root Canal Treatment aka RCT is a surgical procedure wherein the infected pulp is treated and empty canals are filled. The advanced technique of RCT involves a laser procedure that can be completed in one simple sitting and also ensures complete cleansing of infected root canals.

Types of Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatments are generally of two types- first is the root canal on a tooth and the second is the root canal on the same tooth. Both the procedures are similar, the only thing is that if you are going for the second procedure, it requires more time. More time is needed because your dentist is required to remove all the previous fillings in the canal and root area.

What Are the Different Types of Root Canal Procedures?

The procedure depends upon the number of teeth affected, root canal treatment requires one to two sittings. First your dentist will anesthetize the area around the infected tooth. . The procedure begins with the drilling of the enamel part of the tooth, which is the uppermost part of the tooth. Following that he enters the pulp chamber and explore the root canal. The infected pulp tissue is then removed by drilling through a long needle shaped drill.

After the pulp has been removed, the canal is cleaned out by medicaments and antiseptic solutions such as phenolic compounds, sodium hydrochloride and iodides. Finally the root canal is filled with gutta percha, a static filling material. Subsequently root canal cement is used to fix the root canal and gutta percha. Finally a crown is placed to provide an excellent seal.

How Long Does A Root Canal Take?

Normally, the root canal procedure requires just a single sitting. Rotary endodontic technologies are very useful because they allow treatment for multiple decayed teeth in a single sitting. The root canal treatment cost is around USD 110.

How are crowns used in root canals?

It is very important for covering root canal treated tooth with a cap because the tooth structure becomes weak after the infected pulp tissue is removed and the tooth can break anytime due to heavy tooth movements. In order to enjoy long lasting good quality teeth, tooth covering through cap is necessary. Acrylic Caps, Golden Caps, Silver Metal Caps are the different types of caps available.