Why Us

SIGMA Medical Tourism is India’s most preferred Medical Tourism Company. It is one of fasted growing company in India with the unique service in medical treatments followed by tourism in incredible India. We offer:
  • Free Medical Consultation
  • Most affordable treatments
  • Direct consultation with doctors
  • Wide range of treatments
  • World class hospitals
  • No waiting time
  • Highly skilful, professional doctors
  • High quality of treatments
  • 24X7 Personalized Care
  • Lucrative Travel Plan


We assist people across the world seeking medical assistance and exploring the diversified India in the first go through our professional services.

Medical Tourism

"The industry catering to patients seeking care outside of their home region." Includes health care, but also collateral consumer activities (travel, accommodations, recreation).

Medical Travel

"Patients traveling outside of their home region in pursuit of care that is more accessible, of higher quality, and/or lower cost." Focus is primarily on the health care.



SIGMA Medical Tourism has now established itself as the most innovative medical tourism company in India and has been growing exponentially offering the cost effective, technology based, safe and secure medical services to the people across the world. SIGMA Medical Tourism follows the highest degree of ethics, confidentiality and international norms in patient care. We tied up with the professional tourism companies to fulfill your dream of employing Incredible India at the first go.

Understanding the importance of well-being and good health, we commit to provide world class Medical Care at affordable prices with the multi-super specialty hospitals across the country. Our team arranges hassle free travel logistics, visa, transportation, surgery, hospitalization and stay in India. We assist you right from the minute you decide to come to India through free medical consultancy, medical recovery, personal assistance, tours and travel.

We can boast of charging comparatively low cost expenditures for medical surgeries, transplants and treatments. Our world class hospitals are credited for their praiseworthy services. With an efficient team of qualified and experienced medical staff, surgeons and nursing staff, our partner hospitals stay beside you, throughout your journey to recovery. Equipped with the finest infrastructure and advanced surgical equipments, these hospitals provide healthcare, at very affordable prices.

Apart from the best hospitals, our tie ups with numerous Ayurveda spas, resorts and yoga clinics can give you enough time to recuperate. As a registered partner with the Govt. of India, we allow you to discover some of the most beautiful and enchanted places of India.

  • Large pool of doctors
  • Internationally accredited hospitals
  • Skilled nurses & paramedics

  • Large pool of doctors
  • Highly skilled experts, and
  • Possess English speaking skills

Less Waiting time
  • Instant availability of doctors
  • Timely appoint
  • Highly efficient time management

Alternative Medicine Proposition
  • Ancient Ayurvedic stream of medicines
  • Naturopathy and Yoga
  • India is rated amongst the world’s “must see top ten destination” by Conde Naste (international magazine)
  • A study by CII Mckinsey estimates that country could earn a huge revenue in coming days
  • India proactively talking to Foreign Insurance companies to treat their beneficiaries in India
  • Cashless benefits
  • Hassle Free Insurance Facilities.

Comfort Level
  • NRI doctors recognized as amongst best in adopted countries (First World)
  • Usage of English
  • Indian Nurses increasingly getting international exposure

Lower Medication cost
  • Strong Pharmacy Sector and gaining world recognition
  • Fast emerging as major Drug R&D Center
  • Strong Generic drugs business
  • Low cost of drug development in India
  • No waiting

Tourist Interest
  • 5000 year old civilization
  • Renowned for Historical, Cultural and Religious diversity
  • Diverse geographical landmarks; vast coastline
  • Traditional arts and crafts
  • Vibrant democracy: Freedom for citizens; empowered women population

More and more people are travelling to India as an affordable, enjoyable, and safe alternative to having treatment in their home countries. Medical tourists are generally residents of the industrialized nations of the world and primarily come from The United States, Canada, Great Britain, Western Europe, Australia, and The Middle East. But more and more, people from many other countries of the world are seeking to come to India where they can combine vacationing and obtaining their medical care at an affordable cost. Non resident Indians form a big group of medical tourists to India.

A Medical Travel facilitation organization, we have chosen to promote India as the medical travel destination. It is not because we operate from India, but the fact of the matter that the kind of quality of medical care and consultancy that you get at a low cost in India is truly unmatched. Our hospitals are the world class in terms of service, infrastructure, doctors, technology and equipments. India offers the lowest cost and world’s best medical service.

Our aim is to open the door to the world experiences with high quality medical treatment in India as affordable as possible. We believe everybody deserves a world-class medical care. As India is one of the best healthcare destinations in the world which provides truly world-class medical care at an unbeatable cost, we help people from different countries to make best use of it. We help them to travel, avail medical treatment at some of the leading hospitals in India and save lot of money at every step of their medical travel and thus making high quality medical care affordable,

We focus on making the process easy, save money at every step and getting high quality medical treatment.

We provide step by step guidance to international patients traveling to India so that they can avail quality and affordable healthcare services at world-class hospitals with no waiting time. Our people have been working with the patients and their attendants, doctors, nurses, paramedical staff and hospital staff since a long time. They have been working with some of the finest hospitals in India. Our experience has helped to create an organization like us which understands the needs and expectations of patients and their attendants who travel from foreign countries to India in search of quality and affordable healthcare.

We have hands-on experience to arrange the travel facilities across the India. We are well connected with the leading players in India and make a travel ternary to our foreign people in no time.